09 09/14

Rhinoplasty Nose Tip Reshaping is Good in Toronto

Here is some random thoughts on Rhinoplasty nose tip surgery that fixes noses and makes them more functionable and a beautiful.

Here is my link to a YouTube Video


Here is my link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhinoplasty

When looking for the best nasal surgeons in Toronto, Ontario and Canada, check out: http://findrhinoplastysurgeons.ca

09 09/14

Nose Job Cost

The media, because of the strangely disfigured shape of his nose, frequently criticized Michael Jackson. Which is a result of having multiple nose job surgeries performed on his nose? The correct medical terminology to define nose surgery is known as Rhinoplasty. The Greek translated definition of this word refers to the reshaping of one’s nose through medical aids. The first ever nose job surgery to be performed dates back to 500 BC and it was performed by a medical physician by the name of Sushruta. This physician was commissioned by the government authorities make adjustment to the wealthy citizen’s noses.

In order for a doctor to perform nose job surgery, the patient must first put to sleep using anesthetics. Once the patient is fully asleep doctor will carefully make corrections to the patient’s nose according to what they were told. The nose job surgeon has to be careful while operating on the patient’s nose because the structure of the nose is delicate. Our noses consisted of delicate bones that stabilize our noses and in addition to these bones; our noses are fill with mucus. Mucus helps to keep dangerous bacterial from entering our noses so does nose hair. Nose job surgery surgeons carefully make incisions around the patient’s nose slowly trimming away excess skin and stretching the nose.

After the surgery is over, patients will usually have to wear a protective nose guard until their nose heals so that the stitches stay in place. About two to three weeks later the patient can remove the nose guard as see the results of their nose job surgery. Although most people who undergo nose job surgery do so for self-improvement purposes, the surgery can be performed as a treatment for asthma. Asthma is a lung condition in which limits a person is breathing ability to gasp and shortness of breath. This means that people who suffer from asthma frequently experience shortness of breathe if they run for long periods of times.

However most asthma suffers can find relief through asthma pumps which clear that person’s air passage way. Every day new media technologies are help people to live longer and healthier lives. These self-improvements procedures surgeries can help people look younger and feel more confident about their appearances.

Nose Tip Rhinoplasty Repair

What is Rhinoplasty Nose Jobs

08 05/14

Top Hybrid Electric Cars 2013

Wondering what was the worlds best electric cars was in 2013?

Well OnCars has done the reviews you can watch and decide for yourself.

Cars that are tested and reviewed include: Tesla Model S, Ford Auto, and…

08 05/14

Cool Looking Electric Car

Jay Leno loves cars and in this video shows a super exciting design electric car that is super sporty, sleek, aerodynamic efficient, built in California and super environmental friendly.

Prettiness aside, hear Jay Leno interview company manufacturer exacting details on this this three wheeled electric vehicle, such as what it is, how it is made, what it is made of, voltage etc.

Here is the Aptera Electric Car


Jay Leno says

  • It feels (drives) like a George Jettson car
  • It drives well, visibility excellent
  • Aerodynamics fantastic – driving at 70 miles an hour and no swishing noise
  • Personally feels like this is an exciting vehicle
  • All the money you save


08 05/14

Green Electric Plug-In Cars

Plug-in Electric Vehicles sales are up. Demand in growing. Ready to turn in your regular gas vehicle and replace it for a more environment friendly trasportatiion solution like an electric car? Or maybe more conservative with a gas electric hybrid. Well 2014  is rocking it for both.

In the USA electric car sales in April kept level. According to GreenCarReports.com: “The Nissan Leaf battery-electric hatchback continued its stronger sales trend from March: 2,088 Leafs found new owners, lower than the March number of 2,507 (its second-best month ever, after December last year).

According to Motor Industry Correspondent, Henry Foy, Electric Car Sales are not doing well pointing to the high cost to make and “make up less than 1 per cent of sales in developed car markets”.   Electric Car global sales last year reached 200,00 which is said to be twice that achieved in 2012.  While encouraging figures for many, some are not so positive citing that current sales levels is not enough to reach the International Energy Agency’s target of 20 million electric cars on the road by 2020.

Check out the super compact “Foldable Micro All-Electric Car, called the Armadillo-T

The basics for newbie’s, check out what is the electric car, history, benefits, how it is environment friendly, it is a sustainable energy etc. More here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_car